Company Overview

IV Care Options has been serving patients for over 30 years. We are an infusion service company with over 125 full and part-time employees. IV Care Options covers 75+ counties in Georgia, to better suit the needs of our patients. IV Care Options clinical staff is made of pharmacists, nurses, and pharmacy technicians who are specifically trained in compounding and administering specialized medications.

Remarkable Caregivers, but that is not all.

Our nurses and pharmacy staff use their hearts and hands to touch the lives of hundreds of people at pivotal times. Whether they are providing care at the bedside, conducting research, or teaching other health care providers, our team uses their knowledge and skills to care for others every day.

They are learners who question the status quo and adapt to the latest research and science in our infusion specialty. They are listeners who advocate for the diverse needs of patients and families.

They are teachers and role models for the infusion industry providing direction and instruction on the specialized therapies we provide to the community.

  • A comprehensive assessment that considers patient history, current physical and mental status, lab reports, cognitive and psychosocial status, family/care partner support, prescribed treatment, concurrent oral prescriptions, and over-the-counter medications.
  • Maintenance of appropriate procedures for the compounding and distribution of sterile infusion products as outlined in the national standards and state and federal regulations.
  • Comprehensive admission procedures that include patient education of medical and disposable equipment use, medication storage and handling, emergency procedures, vascular access device management, recognition and reporting of adverse drug reactions.
  • Comprehensive care planning that considers actual or potential drug or equipment-related problems, therapy monitoring with specific patient goals, and coordination of activities with other providers such as home health agencies and physicians.
  • Drug interaction monitoring and identification of potential drug, dose or drug catheter incompatibilities.
  • Ongoing patient monitoring and reassessment activities to continually assess for response to treatment, drug complications, adverse reactions, and patient compliance.
  • Laboratory report reviews, as applicable, and subsequent consults with care professionals to adjust medication orders if necessary.
  • Maintenance of appropriate physical facilities for storage, preparation, dispensing, and quality control of all infusion medications and equipment.
  • Ongoing employee education and competency validation activities.
  • Performance improvement programs that include a collection of clinical outcomes data, patient perception data, trending and analysis of these and other performance measurement data, and root cause evaluations of all sentinel events.

Our History

"Service to our neighbors in need."

Those simple few words uttered by Georgia pharmacist, Freddie Dwozan, has been the guiding principle of the organization since it started as Optioncare of Middle Georgia in 1988. In 2009, IV Care Options emerged as the continuing entity that serves a much greater area and increased its capabilities. “Each of our team members holds our founding theme of service to others above self as the most fundamental principle in their daily activities. Our focus is to help our patients and families get through their illness with the talents and skills of our pharmacists, nurses, and related support staff. We place all our efforts here in the Georgia communities in which we each live and work, to serve our neighbors and fellow Georgians. We humbly respect the stewardship responsibility we have in this endeavor.”

IV Care Options founder Freddie Dwozan felt the calling to provide care to critically ill patients. “I have been blessed to be able to help children with runny noses and now to those who face the news of a terminal condition. Our organization is family owned, and we are humbled each and every time your family calls us to provide service.” Each of the company’s dedicated employees upholds this same promise to provide unsurpassed service for each and every family we serve. To work for the organization, each applicant must participate in a rigorous screening process. Only the best and most qualified candidates are selected. Freddie often states, “Our goal is to hire those with the most knowledge, best skills, and unselfish attitudes. We want those individuals who wholeheartedly wish to join our business family to help provide unsurpassed service to other Georgia families in need.”

Many specialty infusion companies exist, but IV Care Options is unique. It is one of a handful of family-owned infusion services in the state. All decisions are made locally at the local level, not in a corporate office in another state. IV Care Options is your best choice to provide medications and nursing care when receiving specialty infusions.

Senior Leadership

IV Care Options offers Infusion services to meet your needs. Take a look at our service area!

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IV Care Options offers Infusion services to meet your needs. Take a look at our service area!

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