Home health and nutrition services in Macon, GA

IV Care Options, providing home infusion, disease management, nutrition, and home health care in Macon, Georgia

About Us

At IV Care Options, we recognize the importance of nutrition in managing home care patients. We have a team of pharmacists and nurses who assist our patients in administration of home nutrition, whether intravenously or through feeding tubes. 

Total Parenteral Nutrition
For patients who are not able to receive nutrients by mouth or feeding tube, IV Care Options offers Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN). This intravenous nutrition method allows patients to receive a balanced amount of calories, vitamins, minerals, proteins and fats as prescribed by their physician.

Our skilled nurses work with TPN patients in the initial stages to teach them how to connect their bags to the IV. Then a nurse will visit on a weekly basis to monitor the patient’s weight and draw lab specimens as needed.

Enteral Nutrition
For patients who are not able to receive nutrients by mouth but do have functioning digestive tracts, IV Care Options offers enteral nutrition. This alternative method of nutrition support involves providing nutrition through a feeding tube that is placed into the stomach or intestine. People who may need enteral nutrition therapy can include stroke patients who have trouble swallowing, patients with neuromuscular diseases such as Lou Gehrig’s disease or patients with head or neck cancer. 

Nutritional support you may receive: